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Comedy Stage

Friday, August 28th, 2015

GRIN & BARE WIT Comedy Stage Sunday 6.00 – 10.00 at THE ORANGE TREE

For those who thought Balstock was just about the music: You’re wrong! In your face!! Who’s laughing now, eh?! Well, hopefully everyone for you are all invited to attend the most side-splitting, eye-rolling, pant-wetting event of the festival. Award-winning comedians from around the country will be spouting forth jokes, stories and observations like a veritable fountain of mirth, down your backs and all over your new jeans. There will be bare laughs (as the young people say), but little actual nudity, although the show is recommended for an adult audience only. The whole funny phenomenon will be compered by the sardonic Rick Pistol.



  • Simon Caine
  • Jo Coffey
  • Matt Smith
  • Katie Field
  • Winter Fonander
  • Katie Pritchard
  • Erika Benning
  • Paul Revill
  • Sahar Mihadi
  • Jon Long
  • Claire Nelson
  • Jon Murfin
  • Oh Standfast
  • Cally Beaton
  • President Obonjo
  • Athena Kugbleno
  • Chris Norton Walker
  • Phil Alexander
  • Fred Ferenzi
  • Charley Harrison
  • Jonathan Prince
  • The Rev Henry King
  • Oli Bettesworth
  • Peter Ford

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