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Balstock 2017 applications now open

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Massive apologies for lateness of the opening of the page today was down to fat fingers and some technical difficulties with database (Not connected to the NHS debacle) Please input all info, Tech spec form optional at the mo and make sure the capchata is done correctly (CASE SENSITIVE) we are getting applications through, very quickly.




Monday, August 29th, 2016

Headlining and closing Balstock 2016 are The Ziphead we are so lucky that these guys agreed to play this year.

They need no blurb or bio just watch this


Monday, August 29th, 2016

The Kut last year played Balstock in the Rose and Crown which in hindsight was a massive mistake. They should have been in a bigger venue as it was fit to bursting So this year we have them back headlining The Engine stage which should also be bursting at the seams a band not to be missed.

The Kut are a London rock trio inspired by the likes of L7, Hole, Deftones, Incubus, Placebo and Nirvana. Fronted by songstress and multi-instrumentalist Princess Maha, their ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ EP is a quick follow up to 2014’s ‘Make Up’ EP, also produced by James LeRock Loughrey (Skindred, White Zombie, Def Leppard). Voted into the winning spots in the MTV Brand New Unsigned Poll for 2014, they’ve since gained a growing list of industry supporters including Scuzz TV, Kerrang!, Kerrang! Radio, Metal Hammer, MTV-U USA, AXS USA, Big Cheese, BBC Introducing, Planet Rock Radio, Jim Gellatly’s New Music Showcase and club supporters including Club NME and Medication. The band’s recent video, ‘I Don’t Need Therapy’ was premiered on Kerrang!, whilst forthcoming single ‘Bad Man’ was added to the top track’s feature for Q Magazine and Classic Rock Magazine.

Their live show is just as energetic, with the band voted in as one of the two best acts to play the ‘Dog’s Bed Stage’ after their set at Download Festival 2015. 2015 also saw the band open the main stages of Glastonbudget and Strummercamp and perform a steady stream of tour dates and festivals. The recent ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ tour saw the band perform 17 dates, beginning with a hometown show as support for Teenage Bottlerocket at the Underworld. Previous shows include 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, as selected by the Teenage Rampage Foundation. The band have already been actively touring through 2016, including sets at Camden Rocks Festival, Glastonbudget, Rebellion Festival, Kaya Festival and a summer UK tour penned in. Top this off with some great feedback from rock legends Dave Navarro and Shirley Manson, and now seems to be a good time to be checking out The Kut.

The band’s ‘Bad Man’ music video and single, out 1st July, were premiered via Kerrang! Magazine and marks the final release from the ’Rock Paper Scissors’ EP. The music video also featured across the USA on the BBR show in over 50 cities. With gnarly grunge guitars, punk beats and gritty screams, the song tells the story of a woman who re-lives a series of flashbacks, causing her to create a cycle of revenge on a long distant Bad Man.


Kerrang! Magazine
“Despite the loud Courtney love references they’re more than just Hole II”

Q Magazine
“There’s a slice of angst-offloading gutter rock that’s a kissing cousin of Hole, but The Kut’s scuzz-covered family tree also stretches further back to the garage rampages of The Stooges.”

Metal Hammer
“The Kut are like the bastard lovechild of Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson with awesome riffs and chaotic live shows”

Classic Rock Magazine
“Marks the precise point in the Venn diagram where L7 meets I Wanna Be Your Dog meets Courtney Love, which is equal parts terrifying and a cause for long and rowdy celebration. Punk’s not dead, pass it on.”


15.07.16 – O’RILEYS, HULL
03.08.16 – MOLES CLUB, BATH
05.08.16 – KAYA FESTIVAL, WALES (daytime)
06.08.16 – THE HOP INN, BLACKPOOL (late)
09.08.16 – BLOC, GLASGOW
17.08.16 – PIG & DRUM, WORCESTER
21.08.16 – TRIBFEST, DRIFFIELD, E. YORKSHIRE (daytime)
21.08.16 – O’RILEYS, HULL
30.08.16 – THE HORN, ST ALBANS
07.10.16 – CLUB 85, HITCHIN | | |
instagram @thekutgirlsrock.

Currently on a massive UK tour some dates being supported by Balstock favourites JOANovARC

the kut

Brocker @ The Engine Balstock 2015

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Brocker @ The Engine Balstock 2015

Sorry about the edit but the camera kept stopping for no reason – I blame the unicorns


Bubounce @ The Engine Balstock 2015

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Bubounce @ The Engine Balstock 2015


Ratpigeon @ The Engine Balstock 2015

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Ratpigeon @ The Engine Balstock 2015

The Mynd Set @ The Engine Balstock 2015

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

The Mynd Set @ The Engine Balstock 2015

New Device at The Engine Balstock 2015

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

New Device at The Engine Balstock 2015

The Toxins @ The Engine Balstock 2015

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

The Toxins @ The Engine Balstock 2015

Ritn Ditn @ The Engine Balstock 2015

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Video of Ritn Ditn @ The Engine Balstock 2015 (up to first power cut 🙁 )


Billy Skins 5th @ The Engine Balstock 2015

Sunday, September 20th, 2015

Video of Billy Skins 5th plating The Engine on the Friday night at Balstock 2015

End of Balstock 2015

Sunday, September 13th, 2015

Well that’s the end of Balstock 2015 we really hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Big thank you to all the reps, sound techs, runners, shakers and movers.  Security, first aiders and the people of Baldock for putting up with the loud music and gleeful people on your streets.

Don’t forget 2nd weekend in September 2016 put it in your diaries.


And the prize for the longest distance to travel to play goes to Horror Business !!!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Horror Business 

Horror Business, a Spanish band from the south, started performing 3 years ago. Now for the first time in the UK, presenting “About Murders and Monsters”, their first LP. Get ready for the creepiest horror punk/rock!

Playing 6.00 – 6.40 THE ENGINE on Saturday

Ritn Ditn your gonna have to move !!!!

Acoustic acts – Roxy Searle, Owen Stephen, Steph Scott and Cara Beard.

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

It’s not all punk and rock this year we have a plethora of excellent acoustic acts gracing us with their presence here are just a few:-

Roxy Searle

Roxy has been now playing solo and in groups for a long time now. Playing all over the country as a solo act and with her band which graced the BBC introducing stage this year at ROTW festival.

She has played Balstock countless times and is always one of the first to give up her busy schedule to support the festival, She is headlining The Cock this year and playing on Saturday at 22.00

Roxy Searle

Owen Stephen

Owen has played Balstock just about from the beginning of the Festival and has supported it ever since.

He is a very busy man playing to audiences all over the world and has recently release an album of original songs called Day and Night.

He is playing this year solo, with a few friends Steph and Cara also with his reformed band Endless Summer and SNIPER.

Endless Summer – 9.10 – 9.55 THE ENGINE Friday

With Steph and Cara – 13.50 – 14.25 London Road High Street stage Saturday

SNIPER – 5.30 – 6.15  – The Rose and Crown Sunday

Solo – 9.00 – 10.00 THE BROKEN DRUM Sunday

Owen Stephen

Owen Stephen

Steph Scott

Steph has played at Blastock over the past years in many forms Solo , duo and in bands and always gives her all sometimes too much….

Steph is playing this year four times !!!! I really hope she will be carrying around some lozenge of some sort, honey I suspect.

MR SPEAKER  – 8.00 – 8.40 THE ORANGE TREE –  Friday

With Owen and Cara – 13.50 – 14.25 London Road High Street stage – Saturday

DAMN NEAR DROWNED – 6.10 – 7.00 THE HEN & CHICKEN – Sunday

Solo – 8.15 – 9.00 THE BROKEN DRUM – Sunday

Steph Scott

Steph Scott

Cara Beard

Cara has spent the the last few years playing a multitude of venues all over the Herts and Beds area. This year she played Wilkestock and ROTW and was invited to play at Club 85’s 30th Birthday celebrations, all of this from a young lady who is still only 17 years old

Cara is playing this weekend at:-

With Steph and Owen – 13.50 – 14.25 London Road High Street stage – Saturday

and solo  5.15 – 6.05 THE WHITE LION / FOLKSTOCK STAGE – Saturday

Cara Beard

Cara Beard

Owen, Steph and Cara on Main stage at ROTW 2015

FONO for One Night Only (or so I am told)

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

For One Night Only – Not strictly true but there you go. A loose conglomeration aged 15-60, unique lethal mix of experience and teenage energy. Pop and rock covers from Bruno to Foos, 60s to now. Something for everybody. And presumably, everything for somebody. Sunday 3.00 pm at the Engine.












Band Announcement – JESUS HOOLIGAN !!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Right then how can I explain Jesus Hooligan. Think barrels and then more barrels add a Didgeridoo yep a Didgeridoo ! Swirling guitars, thrashing chains, gas bottles, gas masks, tribal rhythmic drums, screaming animalistic chants oh and did I mention barrels there is lots of them for yourselves the audience to participate in banging and thrashing away to the simplistic beats of Jesus Hooligan.

Jesus Hooligan started out when Steve Brunton the singer out of the hardcore punk band Gout/Lager Louts became ill with throat problems and had to stop singing live.
During that time Steve started making his own music from sounds he liked, tractors, angle grinders, drills and anything you can hit like barrels, buckets, scaffold tubes and diesel tanks. He went under the name Jesus Hooligan, a play on words from two bands he’d been involved with, 1.Godshatter = Jesus, 2.The Lager Louts = Hooligan.
When Steve’s voice improved, he set about starting up a live band, turning his music, recordings and written material into songs that can be performed live. He was joined by Guitarist Jason Sanders from the punk band Drink Problem and then a short while later by Didgeridoo player Dave Croughan, which made the live line up a bunch of old boys hitting things and making a racket with barrels, guitars, didgeridoos, chains, gas canisters plus anything else they liked the sound of. The end result was a mix of hoe down punk crossed with industrial folk blues that shouldn’t work but somehow does.
Since then Jesus Hooligan have grown in number, with the addition Arup on Drums, and extra Barrel Bashers including but not a complete list, Adam Smith, Rick Pistol, David Himbrey, Ann Sanders, Debbie Thomas plus many many more. Jesus Hooligan also encourages the audience to get involved and hit barrels with them in their live sets, this quite often makes things very interesting. Their live sets are a lot of fun and very energetic, when on stage they’re less like a band and more like a full on army going to war!
For more info on Jesus Hooligan, this video gives fantastic insight into who they are and what they’re about.
This is them in the Town hall last year banging up a storm.
They will be playing

High Street Stage – London Road / After Dark Presents
Saturday 12th September, 5.45 – 6.20

JOANovARC and Special Guest to Steam The Engine

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

JOANovARC and Special Guest to Steam The Engine

For all you rockers, rollers and fans of gorgeous girls dressed in leather and tartan rar rar skirts…Joan Ov Arc are going to be headlining the Engine Stage on Sunday the 13th September. These girls have been rockin’ on since the start of Balstock supporting local music and charity.

Shelly Walker has this quote for us;

‘ We have been performing and donating our free time to Balstock for many years. It supports live music in the community, charity and talent. Balstock has grown over the years but still remains to be the only free festival around town. We are very lucky and it is the best festival in Hertfordshire! ‘

As a band they continue to reach new heights from touring in Japan, Israel and all over Europe to recording their latest single with super producer Gil Norton (Who produced my favorite  Foo Fighters Album the Colour and the Shape).

Do not miss these girls as they will be signaling the end of what will be an epic Balstock 2015 and there might be a very special guest. Shhhh don’t tell anyone.


Joan Ov Arc, G, Nasty Nick & Ritn Ditns's Wouter Bakker (pic Peter Gill)

Balstock Bio | Facebook | Website

Balstock CDs

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

The Balstock CDs are fookin BOSS this year (that’s slang for awesome, outstanding, better than the best of Depeche Mode!!!). Save a tenner for next weekend and treat yourself to over 40 tracks of life affirming, locally sourced grandeur!!!

Massive thanx go to Richard Emms for designing up the covers and guiding me towards a great overall product

balstock-cds Lijbechilfoare

New Balstock 2014 CD Compilations

Friday, September 5th, 2014

The Balstock CDs are fookin BOSS this year (that’s slang for awesome, outstanding, better than the best of Depeche Mode!!!). Save a tenner for next weekend and treat yourself to over 40 tracks of life affirming, locally sourced grandeur!!!

Massive thanx go to Richard Emms for designing up the covers and guiding me towards a great overall product.

Balstock T-shirt Competition

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

The Balstock T-shirt Caption comp.

Last year Chips Holbrook won with “Balstock – because you couldn’t afford Glastonbury”. This was printed on the backs of all the Balstock T-shirts. The year before that; Jay Miller won with “Balstock – what God’s farts sound like”. Who will come up with the winning caption this year???

Suggestions please for this years Balstock T-shirt slogan here:


BuBounce at The Engine/Atomic stage on Sun 14th

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Headlining the Engine / Atomic stage on the Sunday (14th sept) of Balstock, we’re ecstatic to introduce the ska frenzy that is BuBounce:

Photo by Andrew Thomas Photography website tech info Minwarbchartingne .


Wednesday, September 10th, 2014


Please do put some dosh aside for Balstock merchandise this year. The Socks & Pants CDs are orgasmic, the umbrellas are water-proof and the T-shirts have my face on them (sponsored by DB Sharps & Herts Timber). Kids T-shirts are new this year (ages 4 – 8) sponsored by Weston Way Nursery School.

– White n Red 2014 Balstock T-shirt
– both Socks and Pants Balstock 2014 CDs
– a Balstock wristband & keyrings
FOR £20… BOOM!

All merch available on the Studioxchange / High Street Stage Saturday and Sunday.

ps extra thanx to Richard Emms for the advertbalstock merch

Brocker at Balstock

Thursday, September 11th, 2014


I would like you all to stand and salute (that’s gonna look weird if you’re already at work) to Janchi Mugica for pain-stakingly designin up Balstock’s new website and trying to explain things to me that about megabytes and website codes that I’ll never quite grasp.

All he asks is that you go see his band BROCKER in the Boot Saturday night 9.00 – 10.00 and mosh your little hearts out. Their set is surrounded by the dulcet tones of Ministers Dead & The Bleach Boys

Their song One Man Moshpit was used in last years promo:

Balstock 2015 Line Up announced

Friday, August 21st, 2015

Balstock 2015 Line Up announced

Balstock music festival is only a month away on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September. The line-up, with an astonishing 235 bands, acoustic performers, DJs, poets & stand-up comedians, has been announced this week (Thursday the 20th August). Find them at under ‘Line Up’ where you can peruse whose performing at which venues and even plan out and record your festival using ‘Clashfinder’. You can also find descriptions of the bands in case you want to find some new favourites. Next week you can find the Balstock programmes in all the Balstock venues as well as David’s Music in Letchworth, Club 85 Hitchin and Unikorn in Stevenage.

Some of this year’s highlights include Bedford Hip-Hop misfits Phili N Dotz headlining London Road’s High Street Stage on Saturday 12TH Sept and the bizarre world of Papa Shango headlining the same stage (under After Dark promotions) on Sunday the 13th Sept. There are 10 Baldock pubs taking part hosting such local acts as Bubounce, Mark Sullivan, Easydread, Indi & The Vegas, Roxy Searle, JoanOvArc, Schrödinger’s Strings, Beans & Biscuits and Rickshaw. There are also acts coming from far afield like Ritn Ditn from Holland, Horror Business from Spain and various acts from all corners of the UK.
Baldock town hall hosts the Metal and Punk genre stage with a Metallica and an AC/DC tribute (Metallicar and Damnation) as well as punk legends The Bleach Boys and Berkshire’s brutal metal band Reprisal.

Some alternative stages include The Orange Tree’s ‘Grin & Bear Wit’ Stand-up comedy stage, the Folkstock stage in the White Lion, a DJ stage in the Old White Horse, Irish music at The Cock and even Karaoke at Mick’s Barbers down Baldock High Street.
Every single venue is free entry and every single act gives their time for free in the name of local music and charity so please give generously to the Balstock shakers and buckets being collected for St Thomas Lupus Trust.

Balstock Organiser G LaRoche said “Give much respect, as all these bands are giving their time for FREE in the name of charity, local talent and the promise of a jolly good knees-up. It is quite a testament to how popular Balstock has become. I have no idea what we’re doing right, but I pray to Lemmy that we keep doing it!”

Council Grant awarded

Saturday, June 13th, 2015



Balstock’s been kindly granted £1,000 from NHDC to aid the High Street Stage. We promise to spend allthis money on jam and shiny things.

Also thanks to the Comet for this little blurb, although I will have to correct the fact Balstock is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this festival; first 5 years were in the Engine; then last 5 years all over town; next year we liberate all the jive talking population in the Czechoslovakia sudetenland!!!

Sounds of Baldock – A Resounding Success

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

Hey everybody,

I am still riding a wave of adrenaline and emotion from the epic weekend that was Sounds of Baldock 2015.

The most amazing news is; in true G La Roche style that we raised at total of £638.90, 5 euros and a trolley coin.
So the first thank you is to the people of Baldock for supporting the local music scene and helping to ensure that the 10th year anniversary of Balstock  will be an monumental event in the history of the town.

We were able to showcase a bucket load of talent this weekend and thank you to all of the acts for helping to support a great cause and the top notch quality of musicianship that they delivered.

A massive shout out to Rob Scahill, Paul Riley and the amazing staff at The Orange Tree, The Cock and The Engine for giving us a great platform to host this event.

The most heartfelt of thanks go to all of the guys that have supported Tom Donovan and Myself in our first endeavor at putting on an event of such magnitude; Matt Turner for engineering beautiful sounds at the Cock, Mick Rees and Peter Gill for their photographic genius, Kayleigh Madley, Brett Robinson and Sian Holbrook for providing support with stage management and fundraising, Mick Rees and Jacko for their help with the sound desk at the Engine and Mr G La Roche for his assistance, colorful personality and without whom there would not be Balstock Music Festival.

There is one last person that we could not have succeeded without, Richard Maskell of London Road Studios and SX Pro who provided great sound equipment and engineering advise. If you are in a band and need practice space or would like a top quality recorded album or EP he is the man to talk to.

Once again many thanks to everyone involved and I hope that you are all looking forward to Balstock Music Festival 2015.



Balstock Saturday-1 Balstock Saturday-4 Balstock Saturday-9 Balstock Saturday-19 Balstock Saturday-22 Balstock Saturday-27 Balstock Saturday-41Balstock Sunday-1 Balstock Sunday-4 Balstock Sunday-5 Balstock Sunday-7 Balstock Sunday-12 Balstock Sunday-14 Balstock Sunday-16 Balstock Sunday-20 Balstock Sunday-23 Balstock Sunday-28

Thank You – Baldock Beer Festival

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015


Thanks to all the Baldock Beer Festival‘s hard work, the acts that performed their hearts out and the massive generosity of all that attended over the weekend, I’m stoked to announce we raised a staggering £765.16, 3 euros and 1 Indian rupee for Balstock Music Festival. That’s a hell of alot of beard oil and pipe tabacco!

It was truely touching hearing all the supportive feedback for Balstock and this weekend has been a great showcase to how talented and varied our local music scene is.

Would also like to that the children that helped take the donation bucket about.

If you’re still not satisfied come down to Sounds of Baldock 2015 next weekend as part of the Baldock Festival, held at The Engine, The Orange Tree, Baldock & The Cock Pub, Baldock. It’s like a mini Balstock

Balstock Facebook Group

Balstock Fundraisers

Friday, May 1st, 2015

The Official Balstock website now has a page dedicated to fundraising and infomation on all of the great events that help to put on the Balstock extraviganza.

Check out the Fundraisers page for all of the latest information.

Welcome to the new Balstock Website

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

That’s right! Balstock keeps on growing. And that’s all thanks to all the people who get involved and make it happen every year after year.

Today, we want to thank you by giving you a kick-ass website so you know where to go and find everything you need to know about what we are up to.

Have a peek around and let us know what you think.