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Sounds of Baldock 2017

Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Sounds of Baldock will be held on the 26th to 28th of May. This is the culmination of Baldock Festival month.

Sounds is one of the major fundraisers for the main Balstock festival held on the second weekend in September.

We are hoping for great weather and a great atmosphere like last year…forecast looks good…..fingers and toes crossed.

We have an amazing line up of local talent at three venues over the weekend. The Engine, The Cock and of course The Orange Tree.

So come on down to sunny Baldock on May Bank holiday weekend and bring your wallets, purses and piggy banks and get that money in the buckets !!!!! and it’s my birthday on the Sunday so prezzies will be expected …. Mick

Line up available at and

Balstock 2016 update

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

Balstock logo 2016


Balstock 2016 was amazing one of the best yet. Well done to all who volunteered, attended, played, poured beer over themselves, poured and provided beer for punters and chugged a bucket. We have a total but that will be announced by our leader Mr G la Roche in due course. But well done to everyone involved and that includes all of you who have supported us over the 11 years this biggest music festival in Hertfordshire would not happen if it wasn’t for you.


Friday done……….2 more days to go !!!!!

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

So Friday night is done…Saturday morning DJ at the Engine at the mo.

Hearing great things about the crowds today. Pubs rammed solid, Engine was packed…and still is……..

Tomorrow kicks off at The White Lion at 12:00 and then the rest of the of the venues carry on til late evening.

It’s Balstock Party time….don’t forget to bring your Badger !!!!!


Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

Balstock 2016HIYAA ,






Sunday, September 4th, 2016

Balstock 2016


Balstock festival 2016 is next week Friday to Sunday of music ,beer and fruit based drinks !

Bring your dancing trousers and party hats. Wallets and purses to fill those buckets.

There is an eclectic array of music to fill your ears with over the weekend,  Ska, Punk, Rock, Folk, Pop, Country and acoustic.

Music starts at 7pm in most venues on Friday.Then 12pm on Saturday and Sunday in 11 venues over the weekend.

Volunteers are still needed to chug buckets contact Becksy Miller for details.

Also if you can help setting up and packing down on Thursday, Friday and Monday please contact us.

More hands make easy work.

See you all next week……….





Wednesday, August 24th, 2016





Tequilla Mockingbird is a five-piece hard-rock band from central Bedfordshire, playing original songs crafted from big riffs, aggressive drums, roaring vocals and energetic bass-lines.

With newcomer, Mason West, taking over from original guitarist, Alex Shipston in 2015, we’ve focused our sound on the meatier side of the original repertoire and continued growing with new single releases in 2015 including Open Minds and No Lost Cause.

Bringing our songs to life on stage is what drives us forward, playing with passion and feeding on the crowd’s energy but occasionally we find time to get in the studio to record so if you want to sample a taste of what we do, click the link below and listen to our music for free!

They played for us at Sounds of Bladock this year and blew the stage away so come on down and see if they do it again.





Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Balstock 2016



So you lovely people as you all can see the Line up is out. Also Clashfinder is up and ready.

You can personalise clasfinder to your personal choice by going to

Make an account (it’s free) then search for Balstock 2015.

Then you can select which acts you wish to see and look at their profiles on our website but you can also check them out on google etc.

Once you have selected which acts you wish to see you can then have your own itinery which you can print off or whenever you go on the Balstock website or Clashfinder you can have it on phone or tablet.

Only a couple of weeks to go so get ready for some massive fun and music.



Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Balstock 2016

Hi music lovers it’s that time of year again Balstock 2016 is nearly here.

So put the 9th – 11th of September in your calendars for a weekend of music and debauchary.

This years charities have been confirmed

50% of the funds raised at the years Balstock will go to the Alzheimer’s Society who have already provided tons of help and aid for the event. Mussara Jabeen from Alzheimer’s Society said ”Many of our staff here have heard of Balstock Music Festival.” Adding “Thank you for choosing to fundraise for the Society alongside your local charities at the Balstock Festival.”

The other 50% will be shared between 5 local causes including Baldock Rotary Club’s Christmas lights, Weston Way Nursery School, Friends Of Baldock minibus, Green Shoots at Tapps Garden centre & Buntsfest (who support Herts Air Ambulance amoungst others).

Balstock will be looking for volunteers to help collect monies for our chosen charity over the Balstock weekend (9th, 10th & 11th Sept). If you like walking around and checking out Balstock’s amazing acts and can spare an hour or more please contact Becky at and let her know your availability.

The Clashfinder/timetable is nearly ready just a few tweaks and should be released soon so watch this space

Breakfast Bad – Balstock special

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Steph Scott, Kev Maher and Owen Stephen do a weekly podcast called Breakfast bad this weeks was a Balstock Special

Parental Advisory as there is swearing in it but it is always worth a listen.

Breakfast bad balstock-special


Town Hall Punk and Metal Stage

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

This year the Historic Town Hall will be the venue for many of the Punk and Metal acts.

We have done this so the crowd will have plenty of room to mosh,bounce and headbang away and have as much fun as possible.

There will be muchos Dandruff and Phlegm so I hope you all wash your hair in Head and Shoulders before and after the gigs.

There is a multitude of bands and acts performing over the weekend here are just a few to put on your list.

The Kramers 

The Kramers were formed in spring 2004 in Hitchin (Hertfordshire) and Camden (London). They are Mark on Drums, Martyn on Guitar, Matt on Vocals and Simon on Bass.

They came together with the hunger to write and play their own distinctive brand of savage rock ‘n’ roll, crank up the volume and get out there and play some sweaty live shows!. They played regularly in and around London and Hertfordshire, building up a steady following along the way. They quickly became known for their very loud! and riotous live performances….gigs would often end in chaos with the band blowing up/damaging equipment or literally bringing down the ceiling!…

They’ve released two self-financed mini albums….’TV Scream’ (8 tracks) in August 2004, recorded at 2 Fly Studios in Sheffield by Alan Smyth of (Artic Monkeys, Future Ex Wife, Pulp) fame and ‘The Kramers’ (5 tracks) in February 2006, recorded at Gizzard Recording Studios in East London by Ed Deegan (The Buzzcocks, Holly Golightly, Billy childish)

Their song ‘HEY!’ was featured on the well – received Organ 21 (Organ Art Magazine) compilation album with other bands including 65 Days Of Static and Twentysixfeet. following this….HEY! was played on XFM radio and 6 Music – The Friday Rock show (by Bruce Dickinson of Iron maiden)

The Kramers, who are sensational. They sound like Wire swilling a cocktail of Pil and The Clash. Scary punk, psychotic stares and bloody noses. I’m already discovering a band that sound like they have a great future in rock ‘n’ roll

The Kramers are those fearsome punk slash rockers from Herts and Camden who have built up a steady and one may say, hardcore fan base over the years playing along side the likes of The Rakes, The Vibrators, Goldblade, The Sound Explosion, Blood Safari, Buzzkill, Black Wire, The Cenobites and The Parkinsons, who the apparently, ‘blew off the stage’….Christ if that isn’t a recommendation i don’t know what is!

‘All our futures lie in the heads of the youth’ The Kramers are here to mess with those heads, roaring out of – just where the hell are those Kramers from? i don’t know….somewhere out there on the edges of England, beyond the west of London where apathy needs a constant kicking….with constant ramraids on London town, just grab some while its hot – mouthy colourful garaged up punk rock ‘n’ roll – we want more of this

Due to a mixture of personal problems and members’ other projects and commitments, The Kramers split up in 2008….Matt and Mark carried a bit of that Kramers sound on with Ministers Dead and Simon went on to shred guitar with the Smoking Hearts. Martyn moved to Barcelona.

Now for the first time in 8 years!…in June 2015, they got back together for some rehearsals and rediscovered that sound and passion they once had. They may have even learnt how to play the songs properly. Whatever, they are back!

Sat 12th Sept, 7.40 – 8.20

The Kramers1

The Kramers

The Bleach Boys

The Bleach Boys are punks best kept secret. In their time, they have produced some of the most collectible punk records and to top it all, are still going.

Punk’s favorite nihilists return to Balstock Festival for the fourth year running!…so lock up your daughters and pets and get ready to be bombed!!!…..

They are playing in the town hall on Sunday at 8.30pm but come down early and join us for a beer…we don’t bite!



Bleach Boys

Bleach Boys

The Blissetts

The Blissetts are not for the faint hearted. Led by indomitable front man Paul, Arup on guitar, Andy on bass and Ajay on drums, The Blissetts sound is a car crash of anarcho-punk, Oi and old skool rock, with a whole host of current events thrown in. The Blissetts pride themselves on hard hitting, rabble rousing lyrics and big anthemic choruses.

Sun 13th Sept, 7.30 – 8.15

The Blissetts at the Town Hall (pic - Sarah Lockwood)



Damnation are a five piece AC/DC covers band from Bedfordshire. So if you like your old school hard rock and fancy doing your Angus Young impressions along with brilliantly covered songs get on down to the Town Hall on Sat 12th Sept, 9.45 – 10.30




Metallicar last year rocked the Town Hall stage and they are back again to rock your socks and pants off again.

Not everyone can achieve their dreams in this world. Thats because most people have things like feelings and sentimental attachments, nagging sh*t that keeps them from making the tough decisions that are necessary to get to the ultimate top…

Unfortunately on the rocket ship of fame, there’s only room for one Metallica tribute band.

Any added baggage will just weigh you down, hold you back from shootin’ for the f*ckin’ stars.

Metallicar are  James Hardy – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Odin Long – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals, Joe Jacobs – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals ,Michael O’Neill – Drums

Sat 12th Sept, 10.45 – 11.30

Metallicar at The Town Hall (pic Michelle Woolnough)

Clashfinder and Timetable during festival

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

During the festival the page will be changed so it automatically goes to the Line up/Timetable page so if you need to see the line up and any changes it will automatically show up.

This will speed up your enjoyment of the festival and also help with your planning of who to see and when.

Don’t forget to make an account on 

If you do you can make up your own itinerary and either print it out or have it hand on your chosen device.

There will also be a live update on The Engine’s screen which will be updated minute by minute by our Reps.

As with every festival changes will happen last minute and we will try our utmost to keep you informed.

Happy festival Balstockers and have a great time.

Lupus ……what’s that ?

Thursday, September 10th, 2015


This years chosen Balstock charity is St Thomas Lupus Trust which we plan to get as much money as possible.

Lupus is now recognised as an important and common illness of modern times. It is a disease in which the immune system goes ‘wrong’, becomes overactive. It can affect any organ of the body. Because the symptoms can be so diverse, including for example; fatigue, rashes, allergies, depression and kidney failure it is called the ‘great mimic’.

All ages can be affected, but the commonest sufferers are young females, the peak ages being between 18 and 45.

The outlook for most sufferers, given the correct treatment, has improved beyond recognition.

We have made a lupus information documentary called ‘Lupus? What’s that?’ – the same words that are on our lupus awareness wristbands.

It contains medical information but also has real lupus patients from all different backgrounds, ages, ethnic groups and sexes talking about having lupus. You get to see the people in their own homes with family/friends/pets, we have tried to show not just the medical facts but how people manage to live and cope with lupus and everything it throws at them. There are some very personal insights into the illness by patients and their families as lupus can also affect families too. As you may know, lupus is very different in the way it affects each patient so we have tried to cover cross sections of the severity of it.

Actress and Patron Melanie Hill does the introduction and ending and the medical facts are given by Consultant Rheumatologist, Dr David D’Cruz.

More information is available from

Below are some video’s which explains What is Lupus and how the illness can affect you and your family.

Please watch them and you will see why we chose this amazing charity.

These Video’s will be shown over the weekend at The Engine.


So please dig deep and help us achieve our goal.

Folkstock – Pete Guy and Kelly Oliver

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Two acts who have been recently released on Folkstock’s boutique label are Stevenage’s Kelly Oliver and Baldock’s Pete Guy. Kelly is an award winning artist who had a 4* review for her debut album in The Telegraph. Kelly has gained ‘rarer than hen’s teeth’ play on both BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music this year, and is on Whispering Bob Harris’s radar having done some filming sessions at his home. Certainly one to watch. Pete has been regularly visiting BBC Three Counties and performing live, been given air time on numerous radio stations across the country. This local bard has some well crafted songs which he performs in his understated style. Pete is opening Folkstock’s stage at the White Lion at midday on Sunday and Kelly is performing at 6.30.

Pete Guy1

Pete Guy1

Kelly Oliver

Kelly Oliver


Rose and Crown Headliners – Wrong Jovi

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

Wrong Jovi

Wrong Jovi have been described as “The best Bon Jovi tribute band in the world”. With a set list that covers everything from Bon Jovi’s greatest hits, live favourites and rarities, Wrong Jovi guarantee the ultimate Bon Jovi live experience.

They are Headlining the 10.30 – 11.30 THE ROSE & CROWN Saturday



Wrong Jovi1

Wrong Jovi1

Folkstock stage – Aimee

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

On BOTH Sat and Sun, Folkstock are hosting bands who craft a great song and deliver it with passion.

On Sunday 5pm in The White Lion, Baldock we have the youngest act which has 12yr Ross on Cajon as part of sibling band Aimée.

Their 1st foray into Herts from their home of Hampshire was at Wilkestock last weekend. Here’s what they sound like. FREE MUSIC all in aid of St Thomas Lupus Trust


Acoustic acts – Roxy Searle, Owen Stephen, Steph Scott and Cara Beard.

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

It’s not all punk and rock this year we have a plethora of excellent acoustic acts gracing us with their presence here are just a few:-

Roxy Searle

Roxy has been now playing solo and in groups for a long time now. Playing all over the country as a solo act and with her band which graced the BBC introducing stage this year at ROTW festival.

She has played Balstock countless times and is always one of the first to give up her busy schedule to support the festival, She is headlining The Cock this year and playing on Saturday at 22.00

Roxy Searle

Owen Stephen

Owen has played Balstock just about from the beginning of the Festival and has supported it ever since.

He is a very busy man playing to audiences all over the world and has recently release an album of original songs called Day and Night.

He is playing this year solo, with a few friends Steph and Cara also with his reformed band Endless Summer and SNIPER.

Endless Summer – 9.10 – 9.55 THE ENGINE Friday

With Steph and Cara – 13.50 – 14.25 London Road High Street stage Saturday

SNIPER – 5.30 – 6.15  – The Rose and Crown Sunday

Solo – 9.00 – 10.00 THE BROKEN DRUM Sunday

Owen Stephen

Owen Stephen

Steph Scott

Steph has played at Blastock over the past years in many forms Solo , duo and in bands and always gives her all sometimes too much….

Steph is playing this year four times !!!! I really hope she will be carrying around some lozenge of some sort, honey I suspect.

MR SPEAKER  – 8.00 – 8.40 THE ORANGE TREE –  Friday

With Owen and Cara – 13.50 – 14.25 London Road High Street stage – Saturday

DAMN NEAR DROWNED – 6.10 – 7.00 THE HEN & CHICKEN – Sunday

Solo – 8.15 – 9.00 THE BROKEN DRUM – Sunday

Steph Scott

Steph Scott

Cara Beard

Cara has spent the the last few years playing a multitude of venues all over the Herts and Beds area. This year she played Wilkestock and ROTW and was invited to play at Club 85’s 30th Birthday celebrations, all of this from a young lady who is still only 17 years old

Cara is playing this weekend at:-

With Steph and Owen – 13.50 – 14.25 London Road High Street stage – Saturday

and solo  5.15 – 6.05 THE WHITE LION / FOLKSTOCK STAGE – Saturday

Cara Beard

Cara Beard

Owen, Steph and Cara on Main stage at ROTW 2015

Band Announcement – Piston Groovy

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

If Carlsberg made rock bands… well they wouldn’t make Piston Groovy as they all drink real ale! Fun, laughter, beer and of course classic rock covers. You know you wanna! Piston Groovy are a collection of seasoned amateurs who get together to have fun and play those classic rock numbers that everyone knows. No pretentiousness and nothing too serious – we start songs together, end together and in between jump up and down and enjoy ourselves. Playing the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Sabbath, Deep Purple, Kiss, Lizzy, Whitesnake, Free, and Deep Purple – there’s something for everyone…even Deep Purple fans.

SAT 12TH SEPT, 9.10 – 9.55


Monday, September 7th, 2015


For your hungry ears!!! This time next week the High Street will be ringing out with glorious music and, what’s predicted to be, the most amount of people to come through Baldock since… the Romans?!?

So a band I’m ecstatic to announce is New Device – a band that is wowing audiences all over the UK, playing stadiums and guess what… they have confetti cannons!!!! Playing The Engine, Saturday 12th at 8.00 to 8.40. Get the f*ckin in!!!

Jullian Lennon tweets about Balstock 2015 !!!!

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Julian Lennon – a great musician and St Thomas Lupus Trust patron (inspiration for Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds) has tweeted about Balstock Music Festival

Jullian Lennon


Monday, September 7th, 2015


While you nurse your hangovers this morning, bear in mind this time next week, I suspect, the Lads from the Netherlands: Ritn Ditn will probably start drinking!!! For a band to come from the Continent to play a free music festival is truely inspiring, so give much respect.

Check em out and their ironing board crowd surfing at The Engine, Sunday 13th, 7.00 – 7,40.

Here’s a promo they made for us:


Band & Punk like Genius Announcement

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Most of you all know that Mr G La Roche had a dream around 10 years ago to put on a music festival to raise a bit of money for the local community.

Well it is 10 years later and it seems that the universe !!! well ok North Hertfordshire was ready for it and opened up their ears and wallets to embrace the idea.

On the 10th Anniversary of Balstock this year Mr G the G-meister, Gesus, G-Spot and erm Graeme is putting on the party of all parties for you all to enjoy a multitude of genre’s.

You have Metal, Folk, Choirs, Dance music (erm),  Comedy, Rock’n’Roll ,Blues, Punk and even Karaoke !!! So lots of things to dance, bounce and headbang to.

Anyway I digress G has three appearances this year at Balstock.

As Mr G La Roche his solo performances have gone down in local pubs, clubs and festivals all over Herts, Beds and Bucks area as wait for it………….legendary he is playing The White Hart at 22.20 – 23.30 on Friday 11th Sept it is a must for all Queen lovers and his original material is fandabidozy !!!!

As Billy Skins 5th is a mysterious masked figure with cannibalistic intent (assuming he’s human). He can be found in various jungles, tropical and urban, but the only records we have of him are drawn in cartoon form.Billy Skins 5th are an emsemble of 3 youths who use instruments to tell folk stories of Billy Skins and his antics. They often use the medium of ska, gabba and punk to tell these far fetched storys. But don’t be fooled by the lyrical content, these songs have morals that must be heeded!!! They are playing The Engine on Friday 11th at 20.05 till 20.50

As No Sleep Til Bedtime are a covers band from Baldock, North Herts who take on all sorts of songs from Queen to the Prodigy. Graeme La Roche (G) – Bass/Vocals Robert La Roche (Eddie) – Guitar/Vocals Kevin Smith – Drums They will rock your pants and socks off ready for Bedtime with their energetic and raucous performances which will leave virgins weeping in the corner. They play The Boot on Saturday 16.00 till 16.40.

No Sleep til Bedtime




Saturday, September 5th, 2015

SG1 Radio Balstock Show

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

A few weeks ago I recorded a radio show about Balstock for Sg1 Radio. It took me quite a while as I wanted to make it entertaining, comical and off-the-wall to keep people’s attention (peoples attention spans are so short nowad… oh look a bee!!!)

There’s absoutely tones of Balstock band mentions, big-ups, shout outs as well as lots of music – all of which from bands playing Balstock 2015. I only wish there was more time so we could do more to thank bands and volunteers. website tech information . Please please do have a listen tonight 6 until 8pm TONIGHT

Special thanks to Raymond Medwynter & Becky Phillips at SG1 for their help.


Saturday, September 5th, 2015


Been spreadin myself so thin I’ve completely forgotten about band announcements, so here’s a double header:

Countless Skies blew the crowd away at Bloodstock (my bro was there watching) and now bringing their refreshing melodic metal to Balstock. Saturday 12th, 6.40 – 7.20, Baldock Town Hall:

Same day same stage at 8.40 – 9.25, are Surrey/Berkshire based grind-thrash act Reprisal. Absolutely brutal live act for true metal fans!!!

website headers .


Saturday, September 5th, 2015


For your hungry ears!!! This time next week the High Street will be ringing out with glorious music and, what’s predicted to be, the most amount of people to come through Baldock since… the Romans?!?

So a band I’m ecstatic to announce is New Device – a band that is wowing audiences all over the UK, playing stadiums and guess what… they have confetti cannons!!!! Playing The Engine, Saturday 12th at 8.00 to 8.40

Balstock Band Announcement

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Near Moments are Adi Chase – Vocals, Joel Waters – Drums, Barnaby Hewitt – Guitar and Tom Chaplin – Bass They are Alternative Rock Band from Bedford.

Since their debut show in October’11 supporting Gold Skies Ahead, the band have played at the 02 in London, after getting through to the finals of Live and Unsigned and last summer supported Marmozets at their Reading/Leeds Warm Up Show.

Influenced by bands such as Evanescence, Don Broco, Paramore and Young Guns, the band mixes active, lyrical guitar riffs with bold female vocals and driving, dynamic beats, with the addition of electric violin, to deliver a live performance with vigor and exhilaration!

Described by Bedford  Metal as ‘a touch of class, very talented, entertaining, wide appealing,’ and with their energetic live show, this band will make a massive impact wherever they go.

Why we support Balstock Festival: It’s always good to support live music especially in a community environment. We’re just glad we can share some of our music and hopefully get a few heads nodding!

HOT NEWS they have just announced that we will be on tour with One Last Run at the end of October this year!

They are playing :-

The Rose and Crown
Friday 11th September, 10.40 – 11.40


Balstock Act Announcement

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Stress levels are getting a bit much at the moment, so need some soothing flamenco music


My uber-talented big bruv Eddie LaRoche (no fan or web pages cos he’s a caveman technophobe) playing The Cock Pub, Baldock at Balstock, Sat 12th Sept, 9.15 – 9.45. Check his asbestos fingerz of a rock climbing pianist here

recorded at Sg1 Radio

Act Announcement – Alex Bay

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Alex Bay interprets the sound of classic soul music in his own distinctive song writing to create a unique blend of gutsy, roots material guaranteed to stir the senses. Go check out ‘Make Believe’ on YouTube

SUNDAY , 5.40 – 6.40


SG1 Balstock Radio Podcast

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Becky Phillips is doing a Balstock special at 12 today on Sg1 Radio:

Then listen out tonight at 8pm for G’s tailor made Balstock Radio show.

Lots of band and volunteer mentions as well as info about this coming weekend and G milks some wasps!!!

Band Announcement – High Wire Brigade

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015
High Wire Brigade

High Wire Brigade

From the ashes of Tubries and Jukebox Vandals emerged High Wire Brigade consisting of Kaj – Guitar and vocals, Mark – Guitar and Vocals, Jon – Bass and Vocals and Alex – Drums

Hailing from Walkern and Stevanage, High Wire Brigade have been busy gigging around Herts and Beds area in pubs,clubs and Festivals polishing their performance and material ready for gigs around the rest of the country. Last weekend they played at Manchester’s Deaf institute and Wilkestock to high praise.

They recently recorded their new single  Blackout at the legendary Konk Studio’s in London which is due for release at anytime.

Kaj and the boys have supported Balstock for many years via other reincarnations Tubries and Eskimos and would be welcomed back every year.

Playing at The White Lion – London Road Presents/ Folkstock
Friday 11th September, 9.05 – 9.40

SG1 Balstock podcast

Monday, September 7th, 2015

LISTEN OUT FOR BALSTOCK RADIO: playing 8 pm, Tuesday night on Sg1 Radio:

Featuring the likes of Jesus Hooligan, JOANovARC, Phili N Dotz, Kelly Oliver, Echo Tree, BuBounce, loads and loads more bands and some information about parsley!

Balstock 10 year Anniversary promo video

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Balstock Act Announcement

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Mark Sullivan – What can I say about this Geezer from St. Evanage. This boy can play and is one of the most talented Danny Dyer lookalikes in the world.

I have seen this guy play a multitude of times over the last few months and have been blown away at his talent and guitar playing skills every time.

He has won accolades from the music industry, played some of the biggest venues in London but is still a damn nice bloke.

This guy is going to be a star and has some brilliant opportunities up coming which I for one is very excited….. Robert Palmer video’s come to mind 😉

Check him out at  :-

The White Hart
Sat 12th Sept, 10.30 – 11.30


Friday, September 4th, 2015


We’re very proud of our Balstock CDs. And this year especially there’s a wide range of genres and talent. The official Balstock 2015 CDs are ‘Hits’ & ‘Giggles’. ‘Hits’ being Folk, Acoustic, Reggae, Mod and much more. ‘Giggles’ contains the Metal, Punk, Ska, Comedy and more adult content.

£7 per CD, but £10 for both …AND if you buy both Hits & Giggles this year you’ll recieve ‘Balstock – From The Archives’ absolutly free – this contains music from the first 5 years of Balstock including never before released / rare songs and tracks from bands that have made it big since their Balstock appearence.

Separate thanx again to Richard Emms for masterminding the CD covers and being a general legend!

My apologies to the bands we couldn’t fit on the CDs, we really appreciate all that put tunes forward in the name of local music and charity

Buy these on Baldock High Street – Sat & Sunday at Balstock


Friday, September 4th, 2015


Bearly a fortnight to go now til Balstock, so were ready to announce winners to the competitions we ran a few weeks back. There were some stunningly creative suggestions this year-

Winner: Christopher Morgan with ‘Hits’ & ‘Giggles’

Winner Michael Rees [FIX!!!] with ‘Balstock – A Decade Of Decadence!’

Controversially we didn’t pick any of the suggestions as most were too long for a wristband. But Peter Shorey from Luton went one step further and designed us up the attached logo.

So congratulations to all 3 of you. You’ve won the chance to have another guess next year!!! All merchandise will be available on Baldock High Street 12th & 13th sept

Comedy Stage

Friday, August 28th, 2015

GRIN & BARE WIT Comedy Stage Sunday 6.00 – 10.00 at THE ORANGE TREE

For those who thought Balstock was just about the music: You’re wrong! In your face!! Who’s laughing now, eh?! Well, hopefully everyone for you are all invited to attend the most side-splitting, eye-rolling, pant-wetting event of the festival. Award-winning comedians from around the country will be spouting forth jokes, stories and observations like a veritable fountain of mirth, down your backs and all over your new jeans. There will be bare laughs (as the young people say), but little actual nudity, although the show is recommended for an adult audience only. The whole funny phenomenon will be compered by the sardonic Rick Pistol.



  • Simon Caine
  • Jo Coffey
  • Matt Smith
  • Katie Field
  • Winter Fonander
  • Katie Pritchard
  • Erika Benning
  • Paul Revill
  • Sahar Mihadi
  • Jon Long
  • Claire Nelson
  • Jon Murfin
  • Oh Standfast
  • Cally Beaton
  • President Obonjo
  • Athena Kugbleno
  • Chris Norton Walker
  • Phil Alexander
  • Fred Ferenzi
  • Charley Harrison
  • Jonathan Prince
  • The Rev Henry King
  • Oli Bettesworth
  • Peter Ford

  site down for me .


Wednesday, September 10th, 2014


Masterful stand-up comedian, musician, compere and bossman of Last Minute Comedy Paul B. Edwards has a Balstock Special Radio Special at Punk Radio: – have a good listen. ALL BANDS PLAYING THIS WEEKEND.

iNCLUDING JOANovARC, Traitors, THE BLISSETTS, Hostages For Smack, G, Aghast, Hazard & The Bleach Boys

Paul is hosting the FREE STAND UP COMEDY stage at Balstock, Sunday 3 til 6 at Old White Horse… did I mention it’s FREE!!! FREE STAND UP COMEDY…IN YOUR FACES!!!!!!

Traitors at Balstock

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014


Chris Hollis once asked me to “Sing to me a song to save the world”. He wasn’t too impressed when I hummed a couple of lines from Come On Eileen!

Frog stupid, Three Bottles Behind and Sons of Guns supergroup Traitors will be owning The Engine / Atomic Live stage Sunday 7.00 – 7.40:


Wednesday, September 10th, 2014


Pick up one at any of the Balstock venues, Baldock Community centre, David’s Music – Letchworth, Club 85 – Hitchin & Unikorn Stevenage.

They’re FREE!!! But if you see a Balstock shaker nearby please do bung a quid or 2 in. Goes straight to the charity.

– get an orange pen and colour in The Orange Tree’s advert to save Rob Scahill some money on coloured ink
– find the band write-ups that G wrote, because the acts were to illiterate to do them themselves (free hug if you find them all)
– make a tiny tent out of it to house a long mouse or a short ferretBalstock Brochure plug0001 - Copy

New Balstock 2014 CD Compilations

Friday, September 5th, 2014

The Balstock CDs are fookin BOSS this year (that’s slang for awesome, outstanding, better than the best of Depeche Mode!!!). Save a tenner for next weekend and treat yourself to over 40 tracks of life affirming, locally sourced grandeur!!!

Massive thanx go to Richard Emms for designing up the covers and guiding me towards a great overall product.

Doing it for charity. This year, Ups and Downs

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

This year’s Balstock festival is raising funds for Up On Downs – a local charity which aids families that have children with Downs Syndrome. To make our fundraising more effective we could really do with more volunteers to go around with buckets and shakers, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

If you want to give a hand; or even if you don’t want to give a hand, but feel if you don’t then you’ll burn for eternity in fire and brimstone: then join here server crawl test


Friday, August 28th, 2015

Balstock’s Folkstock stage at White Lion on the Saturday and Sunday featured in The Comet this week. website offline .

Press Release

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Date for your diary – Balstock music festival is fast approaching. Running on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September, Balstock is now in its 10th year! With over 200 bands, and multiple stages – including a brand new outdoor Whitehorse Street stage, you will be spoilt for choice with music in abundance all weekend. As always, the whole event is FREE to attend – although donations are greatly received (and encouraged!) as it is all in the name of charity, this years being The St. Thomas Lupus Trust. Please head to for more information on the fantastic work they do. 80% of all funds raised through Balstock will go to the charity and the remaining 20% back into the festival to ensure it can continue year on year as Balstock itself is also run by volunteers. Please note that all band slots are now full, but more volunteers are always crucial, so please get in touch via if you are free to offer any help over the weekend.

In the meantime, find us on Facebook, Twitter (@Balstock) and Instagram (Balst0ck) or at to keep up to date! Timetables are soon to be revealed, and there are competitions and exclusive announcements to be found at all of the above. We’ll see you in September….”

St. Thomas Lupus Trust To Benefit From Balstock

Sunday, July 26th, 2015


Now in its tenth year, Balstock music festival is fast approaching! Running on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September, they are pleased to announce The St. Thomas Lupus Trust as their chosen charity for this year’s festival.

Lupus is a complex and poorly understood condition that affects many parts of the body and causes symptoms ranging from mild to life-threatening. For reasons not yet understood, the immune system in people with Lupus starts to attack and inflame healthy cells, tissue and organs. The charity relies solely upon donations from the public and companies and also on legacies to help them continue their vital and pioneering lupus research. They receive no NHS or Government funding. See for more information.

80% of all funds raised through Balstock will go to the charity and the remaining 20% back into the festival to ensure it can continue year on year as Balstock itself is also run by volunteers. Please note that all band slots are now full, but more volunteers are always crucial, so please get in touch via if you are free to offer any help over the weekend.

In the meantime, find us on Facebook, Twitter (@Balstock) and Instagram (Balst0ck) or at to keep up to date!